10 Of the Best Side Hustle Books to Check Out 2022

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Are you looking to get started on a side hustle?

If yes, you should definitely check out the list below! These are the best side hustle books for ideas and how-to guides.

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First, why a side hustle?

Sometimes the term side hustle gets a bad rap, but there are many benefits to having a side hustle.

First of all, having multiple sources of income create your financial safety net. Secondly, having a side hustle is a great way to learn new skills. I personally learn blogging, investing, online business from a side hustle.

Last but not least, making extra money on the side allows you to reach your financial goals faster, whether that is to pay off debt, save for your emergency fund, max out your investment accounts, so on.

List of Side Hustle Books in 2022

#1 Women with Money: The Judgement-Free Guide to Creating the Joyful, Less Stressed, Purposeful (And Yes, Rich) Life You Deserve

Get paid what you’re worth, build secure relationships, and make your money last with this valuable guide from the TODAY show financial editor and bestselling author.

#2 She Means Business: Turn Your Ideas into Reality and Become a Wildly Successful Entrepreneur

If you’re a creative and ambitious female entrepreneur or are contemplating the entrepreneurial path, this book will provide the honest, realistic, and practical tools you need to follow your heart and bring your vision to life.

#3 The Ultimate Side Hustle Book: 450 Moneymaking Ideas for the Gig Economy

Get your side hustle on with this handy guide that gives you hundreds of ideas on how to make extra cash and have fun doing it!

#4 Side Hustle: From Idea to Income in 27 Days

My favorite book! The author of the New York Times Bestseller THE $100 STARTUP shows how to launch a profitable side hustle in just 27 days.

#5 100 Side Hustles: Unexpected Ideas for Making Extra Money Without Quitting Your Day Job

Best-selling author Chris Guillebeau presents a full-color idea book featuring 100 stories of regular people launching successful side businesses that almost anyone can do.

#6 So You Want to Start a Side Hustle: Build a Business that Empowers You to Live Your Life, Your Way

Featured on Publishers Weekly’s list of Business & Personal Finance Books for 2021!  It takes more than a great idea to make your side hustle a success.

#7 The Big Life: Embrace the Mess, Work Your Side Hustle, Find a Monumental Relationship, and Become the Badass Babe You Were Meant to Be

The Big Life is packed with actionable guidance combined with personal advice from high-profile millennial women who have already achieved tremendous success, plus intimate conversations with a cast of compelling characters and Shoket’s own stories on her quest for The Big Life.

#8 Don’t Keep Your Day Job: How to Turn Your Passion into Your Career

From the creator of the #1 podcast “Don’t Keep Your Day Job,” an inspiring book about turning your passion into profit!

#9 What If It Does Work Out? How a Side Hustle Can Change Your Life

Life coach and professional side hustler Susie Moore offer expert tips and guidance to help you earn an extra source of income by doing something you love.

#10 Buy Buttons: The Fast-Track Strategy to Make Extra Money and Start a Business in Your Spare Time

This book will share specifics on how to increase your earning power – on your own time, on your own terms, and without getting another job. We’ll look at real-life examples of people just like you making it happen.

Wrapping Up

If you’ve been thinking of starting a side hustle, you want to learn from people who’ve been successful at it. These books are written by successful people. Pick one, start reading, learn today (: