20 Content Ideas To Post On Social Media in 2020

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Are you overwhelmed by starting social media marketing?

Social media marketing is beneficial in many ways, but it’s also overwhelming tasks. Well, lucky for you. I’ve rounded up a list of affordable social media marketing tools here!

The number one question people ask when it comes to social media marketing, “what do I post on social media.” It can be challenging to come up with new social media content ideas when you have to post something daily on multiple platforms.

But most of the audience will appreciate these types of contents:

  • Useful
  • Interesting
  • Informative
  • Entertaining

Create something people want to share with others. These are more specific content ideas to post on social media!

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List of Content Ideas to Post on Social Media

  • Blog Posts or Products – If you have a blog, share the articles with direct links. If you are selling online courses or digital products or physical products, promote it with direct links. Tips: You can’t post direct links on the Instagram feed.
  • Motivational Quote – These posts are especially popular on Instagram and Pinterest!
  • Infographics – Can you make your blog content into infographics? Pinterest users love to share infographics, especially step-by-step guide.
  • Tips & Tricks – Visual tutorials with photographs or short videos are the most popular ways to share tips & tricks.
  • Holiday Posts – No matter gender or age or location, holidays are a big deal for everyone. Share holiday stories, DIY ideas, foods, gift ideas, etc.
  • Behind-the-Scenes – One of the more intimate social media marketing ideas is to post behind-the-scenes photos or videos.
  • Freebies – Who doesn’t like free!? Whether its downloadable content or PDF, your audience will appreciate the free resources.

  • Product Reviews – Many people read online reviews before deciding to buy something.
  • EmojisAccording to HootSuite, using emojis in tweets can increase engagement by 25.4% and using them in Facebook posts can increase engagement by 57%.

This is a creative example of emoji use (Credit: Bud Light)

  • How-To Video – Short and simple videos are eye-catching and engaging content.
  • Use Daily Hashtags – Share photos or videos with daily hashtags. For example, SundayFunday #MotivationMonday #TuesdayVibes #WednesdayWisdom #TBT (Throwback Thursday) #FridayNight #SaturdayMorning
  • User-Generated Content – Make a hashtag for your business or product, so you can easily track posts shared by fans. Re-sharing these posts on social media and show appreciation to your audience. This makes for a great word of mouth marketing!
  • Post Series – This will encourage followers to keep coming back to your social media accounts.
  • Weekly Round-Ups – Reshare the week’s most successful content once in a while to boots more engagement.
  • Top Lists – Let followers know about your top five blogs, products or resources. It can build a conversation around them (:
  • Pet Pictures – Don’t underestimate the engagement power of a cute animal pic with a funny caption. Make everybody “awwww.”
  • Polls – Get your followers thinking by posting a poll related to social media trend keywords.

This is an example of Polls and Emoji’s combination. (Credit: Dunkin Donuts)

  • Industry News – Your followers have an interest in your products/services and industry. Use social media to educate your audience and yourself! (it’s also good for the market research)
  • Q&A – Keep an eye out for questions or problems relating to your brand/product on social media. Help out by answering those questions.
  • Other People’s Content – Share other people’s content that relates to your business. It can help to grow your online relationships with others.

These are some examples of content ideas to post on social media. Which social media ideas catch your eye? Or, do you have better ideas?

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