2021 Business and Life Review

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Welcome to my 2021 Business and Life Review!

I used to create quarterly reports about my freelance lifestyle, but this year I’ve decided to create a year review.

2021 was a kind of different year for many people, including me, but I’m hopeful that 2022 will be better.

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Freelance Business

After I came back from the Las Vegas trip, I had 3 presentations & 2 lunches with local businesses.

In September, I was assigned the redesign project (: I won’t tell details of the project, but it was like translating Java into PHP. Despite the 5 project members being involved, it took 4 months to complete. This project was quite tough but I really enjoyed learning new Java Classes and Objects.

Since I was new to Java, I thought my contract will end in December. However, the client was happy about my work and extended the contract until March. For the next 3 months, I’ll have a steady income (:

Side Hustles

In 2021, my side hustle business turn into the red.

The cost of goods and shipping fees increased dramatically. The online selling platforms started to take sales taxes from your sales. (Even though your item is used, they will still charge sales taxes) Some brands are not allowed to be sold by resellers. (If you ignore the rules, your account will be suspended) So many online selling environments have changed in 2021.

Therefore, I started gig economy jobs. I liked my gig work! But it was like trading time for money. My income was limited by the number of hours I can put in.

I would like to focus on finding passive income in 2022. Then, I can manage my freelance job and side hustle even better.

If you are interested in how much money I made from my side hustle in 2021, please check The Income Streams I’m Working on Right Now.


I use a Fidelity brokerage account to invest in individual stocks and ETFs.

In 2021, I purchased 3 stocks and received dividends from 4 companies 11 times. I also sold 4 stocks. I’m hoping to grow my dividend income as one of my side hustles in 2022.

If you are interested in my investing report for 2021, please also check Investment Performance and Dividend Income 2021 here.


I’ve been blogging for 2 years now. Time flies! In 2021, I’ve created some free printables for my readers.

The first year of blogging: I spent $438.89 on the blog. I wrote 92 blogs and had 1,253 users and 10,467 pageviews. 1,268 audience came from organic search, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Blogging income was $940.43 and net income was $501.55. Full report here.

The second year of blogging: I spent $323.42 on the blog. I wrote 100 blogs and had 5,513 users and 18,470 pageviews. 2440 audience came from organic search, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Blogging income was $647.74 and net income was $305.06. Full report here.

This blog made a net income of $806.61 in 2 years. This money goes to the blogging budget for 2022. (because running a blog is not free)


In 2021, travel restrictions kept changing. It was difficult to make a travel plan, but we went to Texas, Nevada, Indiana, and Illinois.

We used Hilton Grand Vacation Club points to stay at Elara and Trump Tower in Las Vegas. Both were very nice hotels.

Note: Elara used to offer free parking, but it’s $15 a day now. So, we decided to try Trump Tower. Trump Tower had free valet parking only (+tips), and we thought it was convenient at first. However, we waited 30-45 minutes to get the car back almost every day because of so many people/so many cars. (Yes, it was a holiday!)


We paid off the mortgage in 2021!

We are officially debt-free. We are so happy!

Our first home strategies were to stay small budget, avoid private mortgage insurance fees, pay less interest and pay off the mortgage ASAP. Here is how we paid off our mortgage in 8 years. Now, we have more cash on hand to boost retirement savings. (One step closer to FI)

Wrapping Up

It’s always interesting to reflect on the previous year. How was your 2021?