25 Best Holiday Gift Guide for People Who Work Remotely

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I’ve rounded up meaningful gift ideas for remote workers and creative freelancers that will boost their productivity and creativity.

Some of them are fun & cute, some of them are great for self-care, some of them are good for health. I hope you enjoy the list!

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#1 Everywhere Travel Planner

Everywhere Travel Planner is 6.29 in x 8.85 in textured hardcover travel planner that includes 144 pages, a country map checklist, all the 50 states map checklist, a travel expense tracker, a customizable calendar, etc. You can color the map that you visited.

#2 Content Creators Planner

The Content Creators Planner is the one place to map out your goals, plan your content strategy in support of those goals, decide on the content, calendar your content, measure what’s working, and make adjustments.

#3 Weekly Planner Pads

Weekly Planner Pads help remote workers prioritize and boost productivity. I highly recommend getting a weekly planner that includes a habit tracker and a to-do checklist.


OPOVE M3 Pro Max Massage Gun! > Full review here

#4 Office Desk Pads

Heavy-duty and durable PU leather made desk pads are very useful. It protects glass/wooden desktop from scratches, stains, and spills. I highly recommend getting waterproof pads.

#5 Headphone Stand Hanger

Some people sit on their headphones accidentally and break it quite often. Headphone Stand Hanger is a great gift for those people.

#6 Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug

Ember Temperature Control Mug will maintain your desired drinking temperature for up to 80 minutes, or all day when paired with the included charging coaster. It’s safe to hand wash!

#7 Designs by Artists

Society6 features art prints, home decor, bed & bath, iPhone cases, apparel, and tech accessories you’ll love with designs by artists worldwide. Purchasing items from freelancers, you’ll gift happiness to others in two ways.

#8 Electric Blanket

The heat helps to relax tense muscles and soothe a stiff shoulder. Remote workers tend to sit all day long in front of a computer. These heating blanket could improve work efficiency by reducing muscle pain and arthritis in the shoulder.

#9 The 52 Lists Project Journal

When you think of self-care, you may not automatically think of writing. But writing is actually a deceptively simple and powerful practice you can use to up your self-care and me time. This 52 Lists Project Journal will help you discover the beauty, joy, creativity, and power you already have!

#10 Pantone Books

If you’re looking for gifts for creative people who work in print design, graphic design, or commercial art, they may love Pantone Books! Color is a very important element in any type of design. These Pantone Books help them boost their creativity.

#11 Laptop Screen Protector

Blue light can penetrate the crystalline to reach the retina, too much exposure to blue light can damage light-sensitive cells in the retina, which can lead to permanent vision loss. In this digital age, we all can’t avoid blue light, so use a protector. These Blue Light Blocking & Anti Glare Screen Protector will save your eyes.

#12 Electronic Organizer

Small Travel Cable Organizer Bag won’t take much space in your bag but store a lot of tech gadgets like cables, cords, MacBook charger, earphone, USB drives, and SD cards.

#13 Succulent Plants

Succulents will add natural beauty to your home office without the tiresome labor that most other plants require to survive. Very little water is needed and they are much harder to kill!

#14 Under the Desk Mini Bike

These Under Desk Bikes are a great way to incorporate lower body movement without putting pressure on joints. You can exercise during a conference call.

#15 Neck Back Massager

These Neck Back Massagers offers warmth massage on your body for super comfort. The heat setting can be activated to soothe soreness and to relax muscle pain, and to enhance blood circulation.

#16 Foot Massager

Sitting for prolonged hours can lead to poor circulation throughout the body. Once circulation slows down due to sitting, your blood remains in the feet and legs, ultimately reducing blood flow. The Foot Massager can improve your blood circulation!

#17 Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker

The Keurig K-Mini single-serve Coffee maker features a new sleek design, and at less than 5 inches wide is the perfect size for any space or occasion.

#18 Milk Frother

Do you want to make fancy coffee at home? Try these Milk Frother. Easy to use & easy to clean.

#19 Webcam Cover Slide

Between video conference calls, remote works probably using your webcam a lot. A webcam is an essential tool for someone who works at home. But, have you ever considered cybersecurity? It’s a good idea to cover your webcam when you are not using it. The Webcam Cover will prevent accidental broadcasting as well as hackers. (hackers may access the camera remotely and spy on you)

#20 Productivity Timer

A good rule of work-from-home is to take short rest 5-10 minutes every hour or longer 30 minutes rest every 2 to 4 hours. Even you feel like you are OK, but your brain needs rest. Set alarms or Productivity Timer will help freelancers to move around, eat some snacks, talk with someone, or grab a cup of coffee once in a while. These will increase their productivity.

#21 Health Care Steam Warm Eye Mask

This is a disposable eye mask with heat function. Warms up tired eyes with the most desired temperature around 104 F. The steam relaxes your eyes, increases blood circulation, and potentially reduces dark circles with long term use. You don’t have to microwave! Great for travel too.

#22 Side Table with Wheels

When you work at home, it’s important to vary your posture throughout the day to avoid back, neck, and shoulder pain. These Side Table with Wheels can move around with you! Change the spot you work once in a while. Make a comfortable working space (:

#23 Video Conference Lighting Kit

Believe it or not, these video conference lighting kits for remote working are a best-seller on Amazon. Nice looking is important even though it’s a video meeting!

#24 Paper Pumpkin Subscription Box

Paper Pumpkin by Stampin’ Up! is a crafting subscription kit that delivers creativity to your door every month. Each box includes everything you need to make a stunning project. My favorite is a December box. (Christmas cards) If you want to buy 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12-month prepaid subscription instead of a monthly subscription, check Stampin Up! website here.

#25 Love With Food Subscription Box

Discover junk-free snacks and help fight childhood hunger! Love With Food is a monthly snack and food sampling subscription box. They send only natural and organic snacks and donate a meal to charity for each box sold.

Is there something you know a freelancer would love to get this holiday season? Comment below or mentioned me on Twitter. I would love to hear your opinion.

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