5 Reasons Why I Recommend Using FreshBooks To Run Small Business

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A new report from Freelancers Union estimates that 56.7 million Americans are working from home, an increase of 3.7 million in the past five years (Stolzoff, 2018).

With the increasing rate of online job opportunities, more and more people are shifting to remote work.

I also work at home as a freelance graphic designer and web developer. I provide the 7 days and 24 hours services to the clients to be productive, as well as track my expenses, time, project, etc.

Human brains can’t handle several complex tasks at once. This is where FreshBooks comes in!

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Today, I’ll introduce my favorite features of Freshbooks.

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First, What is FreshBooks?

FreshBooks is a cloud accounting software for small business owners. And these are some examples of FreshBooks features:

  • Automated Recurring Invoices
  • Easily Capture Expenses
  • Log Every Hour with Time Tracking
  • Collaborate with Contractors
  • Easy to Understand Reports

They offer FREE 30 days trial, no credit card required. The user interface is pretty simple. It’s super easy to use.

5 Great FreshBooks Features For Freelancers

  1. Expense Tracking – You can connect your bank account or credit card to FreshBooks. Every day your FreshBooks account will be updated with your most recent spending. So, you don’t have to do manual entry.
  2. Time Tracking – Just start a timer and get down to business. When you’re done working on your project, you’ll have an accurate time log ready to pop into an invoice. They also provide an app, so it much easier to track your work.
  3. Project Management and Team Collaboration All in One – In FreshBooks, easily collaborate with team members to keep things moving forward. You can invite your contractors, employees, and business partners to manage projects and decide which files they’ll have access to with team permissions.
  4. Contact Info – All your important client contact information is available whenever you need it, from your phone or desktop.
  5. File Sharing – Upload it to your Project in FreshBooks and keep everything easily accessible. This is the easiest way to share a document or prototype with your team.

FreshBooks is not only super easy to use but it’s also packed full of powerful features. FreshBooks will be a game-changer for your small business!

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