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Welcome to Happier Freelancing!

Money Mottos to Live By: “Spend less than you earn. Buy less, choose well. Live frugally, and save regularly.”

I’m a freelance graphic designer + web developer. I fully paid the mortgage in 8 years, graduated college without a student loan, and became debt-free in my mid-30s.

What’s This Blog About?

Happier Freelancing is a personal finance blog dedicated to helping you earn more through side hustling, making money online, and working from home.

This blog was started in 2020 to share what I’ve learned from side hustling and freelancing.

I tested out different gig works and side hustles for eight years and finally started to make an extra $2,000-$3,000 a month on top of my freelance income. I write honest reviews of my own experiences on this blog.

And in addition to writing about how to make extra money, I blog about investing with little money and living better while saving money.

My finance:

I focused on paying off debt faster in my 20s and early 30s. I couldn’t save or invest much at the time. I began to think about retirement savings seriously in my mid-30s after I became debt-free.

I started with Taxable Account, Solo 401(k), and Roth IRA to invest little money. So far, I have saved $100,000 in 3 years and earned $200 in monthly dividends. Investment taught me the power of compound interest. Money is growing little by little.

The cost of living is around $3,000 per month for two adults. People often ask us how to maintain low living expenses, but we don’t have a particular strategy. We create a budget and live within a budget, that’s all.

My husband and I manage our money separately but save money together to travel. (Yes, we both LOVE traveling) We own Hilton Grand Vacations Club and some credit cards with benefits for travelers. These help us to have luxury travel for less.

So that’s me. I enjoy reading finance and life articles/blogs and interacting with people on social media. Let’s be a friend on Twitter or Instagram.

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