Best Seller Toys on Amazon in 2020

Here are the best seller toys on Amazon! There are tons of board games you can enjoy with the whole family (:

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No.1 LeapFrog 100 Animals Book

Soar into learning with the 100 Animals Book! Six double-sided, interactive pages feature animals from 12 habitats and environments. Kids have a natural curiosity about animals, and this book provides opportunities for exploration with illustrations and photographs of animals from the desert, savanna, rainforest, and more.

No.2 Exploding Kittens Card Game

Exploding kittens is the perfect card game for adults, teens, and kids who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats! It is a highly-strategic, kitty-powered version of Russian roulette.

No.3 ThinkFun Circuit Maze Electric Current Brain Game

Circuit Maze is one of ThinkFun’s most popular stem toys for boys and girls and was a Toy of the Year Award Finalist as well as a PAL Award winner. It’s a logic game that teaches the basic principles of circuitry, comes with 60 challenges of increasing difficulty, from beginner to expert, and is a perfect holiday or birthday present for kids who like smart games and challenging activities.

No. 4 AmScope 120X-1200X 52-pcs Kids Beginner Microscope STEM Kit

AMSCOPE-KIDS microscopes are made of the finest materials and with the best optics to ensure that you get precise answers and solutions to all your endeavors. This science microscopy kit includes a great beginner level biological microscope equipped with advanced features and all the necessities of accessories.

No.5 Jenga Game Wooden Blocks Stacking Tumbling Tower Kids Game

Want a game experience that combines friends, skill, suspense, laughter, and maybe a little luck? Get the Classic Jenga game! Carefully pull a wood block out of the tower and place it on top. It’s easy at first, but as more blocks get pulled, the tower starts to get unsteady. Players will be on the edge of their seats just trying to keep the tower from tumbling. The Classic Jenga game is quick to set up and is an easy game to play just about anytime, almost anywhere.

No.6 Basic Fun Lite-Brite Ultimate Classic Retro Toy

Newly designed Lite-Brite is now brighter than ever with a bigger screen, more templates, and more pegs! Using the backlit screen and translucent colorful pegs, fill in each vibrant template to create a sailboat, mountain, flowers, dune buggy, elephant, and rainbow tail unicorn scene!

No.7 PlayMonster Drone Home Game

PlayMonster Drone Home Game is a game with a real flying drone! It’s a fast-paced race game with a huge payoff again and again.

No.8 Guess Who?

Guess Who is the original Guessing Game for kids ages 6 and up for 2 players. It includes 2 game boards, 48 face cards, 24 mystery cards, 10 scoring pegs, and instructions.

No.9 Mattel Games UNO

UNO is the classic family card game that’s easy to learn and so much fun to play! I love this card game (:

No. 10 SET Enterprises Five Crowns Card Game

Wrapping Up

Did you find something interesting to play with your family or your kids? If you have any other recommendations, please mention me on Twitter. I would love to hear about your favorite toys, card, or board game.

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