Blogmas Post Ideas for Bloggers in 2021

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It’s never too early to start thinking about Blogmas as a blogger!

Blogmas is like an advent calendar for the blogging world. Some bloggers publish a blog post every day for the entire month in December. Some bloggers publish a blog post the first 25 days up to Christmas.

As a blogger, I want to do this challenge at least once. But if you know me, I’m always struggling with writing a blog 3 times a week. Publishing blog posts every single day is VERY difficult for me.

Therefore, I would publish a blog post the first 25 days up to Christmas. I’m sure, it’s still VERY difficult for me. Lol

In this post, I’ll share some Blogmas post ideas so you can try them too. Let’s try them together.

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Personal Finance

  • How to be an ecofriendly Christmas giver
  • Holiday gift ideas for every budget
  • How to create a minimalist Christmas
  • How to create a wasteless Christmas
  • “Non-Gift” gifts Ideas
  • When to shop for the best sales this Christmas
  • How to save on just about everything this Holiday season
  • How to wrap gifts on a budget
  • Christmas Gifts Under $25
  • Steps to ensure you don’t lose money this Christmas
  • Meaningful and Affordable Christmas Gift Ideas
  • Ways to Make Extra Money for Christmas
  • Best Ways to Save Money on Christmas Shopping
  • How to Protect Hardwood Floors from a Christmas Tree
  • DIY Christmas Gift Ideas
  • Earn Cash Back When You Shop This Holiday Season
  • Ways to Not Overspend this Holiday Season
  • Ways To Increase Your Blog Income During the Holidays
  • $10 or Less Stocking Stuffers
  • Real Ways to Make Money Fast
  • Free Holiday Activities
  • Holiday Stock Market Trends
  • Holiday Finance Hacks
  • How to Simplify Holiday Spending
  • Christmas Savings Challenge
  • Christmas Budgeting Mistakes to Avoid
  • Creative Holiday Investment Ideas
  • Holiday Side-Hustle Ideas
  • Christmas Coupon Code Round-Up
  • Apps to Save You Money This Holiday Season
  • How to Find Cheap Tickets for the Holidays
  • Three tips to mastering the art of debt-free living


  • 5 must-listen to podcasts for entrepreneurs
  • How to avoid holiday burnout as a work from home
  • How to plan your content for the holidays
  • List of 2022 planner/ content scheduler/ journal
  • 5 books for entrepreneurs to read over the holidays
  • How to make holiday flat lay shots and videos
  • Best holiday Instagram hashtags for maximum business growth  
  • Ways you can help your fellow bloggers this holiday season
  • How to work from home during the holidays
  • Gift guide for your customers
  • Holiday message ideas for your customers
  • How to decorate a welcoming guest room for visitors this Christmas
  • Simple miniature tree ideas for space-conscious decorators
  • Holiday themed social media posts
  • How to use Pinterest for the Holidays
  • Tips for building teamwork during the busy holiday season
  • 2021 Business Reflection
  • Business Plan for 2022
  • How to plan a virtual company Christmas party
  • Healthy Christmas Activities for Remote Workers
  • How to Create a Christmas Content Plan
  • Christmas Content Calendar Ideas
  • Holiday Pinterest Trends
  • Holiday Instagram Trends
  • How to Automate Your Blog for the Holidays
  • Christmas Freebie Ideas
  • Productivity Tips for Working at Home on the Holidays
  • Most Viewed Blog Posts of 2021


  • What’s on my Christmas Wishlist
  • Where to find affordable Christmas decorations
  • Holiday Self Care Practices
  • Social distance Christmas party ideas
  • DIY advent calendar ideas
  • Advent calendar Wishlist
  • Winter skincare routines
  • Holiday essentials
  • Christmas digital detox ideas
  • Ugly holiday sweater roundup post
  • Christmas shopping haul
  • End of year beauty favorites
  • Holiday nail art ideas
  • The Best Christmas dinner for vegetarian
  • Foods for skin and hair to get your holiday glow on
  • What to do when Christmas is stressful/ sad for you
  • How to say no to sugary treats this Christmas
  • How to style your dinner table for Christmas
  • DIY Advent calendar template
  • Holiday bucket travel list
  • Christmas Grocery Haul
  • Best Restaurants for Christmas Dinner
  • Best Holiday Wines
  • Holiday Airport Hacks for Avoiding Lines
  • The Ultimate Guide to a Disneyland Christmas
  • What to Do If Your Holiday Flight is Cancelled

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Wrapping Up

Blog challenge is hard. No doubt about it. You might not be able to complete it, but you could use it as an opportunity to improve your SEO. (And drive traffic to your site)

If you are planning to do Blogmas this year, please let me know (: I want to read your holiday blog posts.