Digital Detox Challenge for Beginners

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How often do you find yourself checking your work email on weekends? And when was the last time you enjoy the moments without taking a photo?

As technology becomes more and more integral to everything we do, it can also distract us from the things that matter most to us.

Through email, social media, text messaging, and other forms of instant communication are very convenient. However, some people feel pressured by the overwhelming presence of technology.

Studies show that a crucial element of success in today’s world is establishing clear boundaries with technology. Are you managing a healthy relationship with technology in the workplace and in your personal life?

It’s nearly impossible to cut social media and technology out of your life. But we can try a digital detox such as not using tech for 2-5 hours every day.

Here are some digital detox ideas for beginners!

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First, Keep Your Phone Out of Sight When You’re Driving

If you are driving, do not touch your phone. It’s not for a digital detox. It’s for your own safety. I see many people are talking or texting while they’re driving. It just not safe for yourself as well as other drivers.

Next, Declutter

Clean up your phone, delete unwanted photos and apps. Unsubscribe newsletters that you don’t really care about. Keep your phone (data) simple as possible.

Don’t Bring Your Phone into Bathroom (at Home)

This sounds crazy to someone, but some people always bring their phone into the bathroom. Don’t bring your phone into the bathroom unless you are outside. Don’t answer your phone while you take bath or use the toilet.

It’s ok. The caller can wait.

Tech-Free Dinner

Disconnect yourself from devices for a little bit. Make a small decorative box on your dinner table and put your cellphone in it while having dinner. Enjoy having a conversation with your family.

Same as a tech-free dinner. When you go out for lunch with your friends or family, keep your cell phone stay in your bag. Disconnect from devices and reconnect with human interaction.

Exercise More

Exercise is a great way to stay away from your phone or computer for a couple of hours. It’s physically difficult to scroll your phone while you are exercising. lol

  • Take a hike
  • Bike ride
  • Go for a walk
  • Take yoga class
  • Run 5k
  • Run 10k
  • Hit the gym
  • Go golf driving ranges
  • Swimming

Read Books

Sit down with a cup of coffee, make yourself comfortable, and read books. If you don’t like reading books, what about comic books? To avoid technology distractions, you can also go to the public library or bookstore! Researchers from the University of Sussex showed that reading was the best way to overcome stress, even over activities such as going on a walk or listening to music. (1)

Yes, reading is not only good for a digital detox. It’s also good for self-care practice.

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Bake Some Sweets

Baking is a great way to relieve some stress and pass the time! It is good for focusing the mind because you have to add ingredients in the correct order and exact measurements.

Having complete focus on a recipe and not allowing yourself to be distracted by phone or computer can have a therapeutic effect too.

Photo-Free Day

Enjoy the moments instead of taking photos. When people focus on taking photos, their observation ability will be decreased dramatically. (2) People can’t recall as many specific visual details of the moments when they focus on photography.

Experiences in the real world often engage all the senses. I take absolutely no pictures or little pictures while I’m traveling. Try to see the world through your eyes, not screen.


Crafting is also a great way to relieve some stress, pass the time and stay away from technology.

Get inspired by going to Michaels and Jo-Ann. If you are new to crafting, explore subscription boxes like Paper Pumpkin. It’s a monthly subscription and you’ll receive a fully designed paper crafting kit delivered to your door each month. You don’t have to buy anything. Everything is in the box!

I don’t know about other creative subscription boxes, but Paper Pumpkin offers the flexibility to pay as you go and cancel or suspend at any time.

Write Journal

Taking time to jot down your thoughts or plans can be great for the mind and soul. Do not use a phone, use paper and pen.

If you are not good at journaling, use List Journals by Moorea Seal. List journals are good for people who can’t keep continuing writing a journal or don’t know what to write.

If you are not good at planning, use Mandala Chart. The Mandala Chart is a lens through which you can see the big picture, the small detail, and the connections all at once. It’s a great method to build your business plan as well as goal settings. Anyone can do it! Here is a step-by-step guide to starting Mandala Chart.

Wrapping Up

That’s all! These are all Digital Detox Challenge for beginners. If you want to download print-ready digital detox motivational quotes (postcard size), you can download them from here. It’s 100% free.

How many hours do you spend on tech each day and week? What do you think you could do with a digital detox?