EasyWP: Easiest and Most Affordable Managed WordPress Hosting

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Are you looking for the easiest and most affordable Managed WordPress hosting?

WordPress is the most popular as well as a beginner-friendly online publishing tool in the world. You can create professional-looking business websites and blogs in a day without any coding skills with WordPress.

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That sounds expensive, right? But NO. It’s only $3.88 a month if you use EasyWP.

In this post, you’ll learn the easiest and most affordable Managed WordPress hosting service.

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First, what’s the difference between Managed Hosting and Shared Hosting?

WordPress Managed Hosting is a hosting environment specifically designed for WordPress that doesn’t require any maintenance on your part.

With Shared Hosting you are sharing your resources with other website owners. This means that if someone else’s website gets a lot of traffic, you may experience slowdowns or downtime.

EasyWP is Managed Hosting, so you’ll never notice if a server or any hardware fails because your website stays containerized from such incidents.

EasyWP Plans and Features

EasyWP has 3 different plans: Starter, Turbo, and Supersonic.

  • Starter – It handles sites up to 50k visitors per month and doesn’t slow things down.
  • Turbo – ideal for high-traffic sites that have up to 250k visitors per month. The plans have 1.5x more CPU and RAM than the Starter plan.
  • Supersonic – fully-equipped to handle up to 500k visitors per month. It comes with 2x more CPU and RAM than Starter, and also includes a 99.99% uptime guarantee. 

All plans also include:

  • WordPress installed in under 90 seconds – Imagine your site going live in minutes, with everything ready to go. No need to worry about navigating old cPanel interfaces or figuring out how to install WordPress. It’s super convenient!
  • 3x faster than traditional web hosting – 0.7 seconds for fully loaded time, it’s the fastest WordPress hosting around!
  • Highly available with an uptime guarantee.
  • Thousands of themes and plugins – you can have a beautifully designed, powerful website in no time. You don’t need design skills.
  • One home for all your websites – manage all of your WordPress sites in one place.
  • Hosted on Namecheap Cloud.
  • Easy backup and restore tool.
  • Scale elastically as visitors grow.
  • Highly secure and tuned out of the box.
  • SFTP, Database Access, CDN, SSL & More.

Deals: Plans Turbo and Supersonic include Positive SSL and CDN. PositiveSSL brings encryption, validation, and trustworthiness to your EasyWP website. PositiveSSL usually cost additional fees, but EasyWP Turbo and Supersonic included it.

EasyWP Review

EasyWP removes the middlemen and cuts down on fancy office costs to deliver high performance and reliability at unbeatable value.

This site, Happier Freelancing is using EasyWP. It’s really easy to manage and maintain. I purchased Positive SSL because the starter plan did not include it. I had little trouble setting it up, but the customer support solved the problem in a day. The live chat customer representatives are highly motivated to help their customers. Overall, I’m really happy with their services.

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