Everything You Need to Know About WordPress

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WordPress is an excellent platform to create a variety of websites like online stores, blogs, business sites, portfolios, web magazines, etc.

You can create a stunning website easily without any coding skills. This site, Happier Freelancing, uses WordPress too!

In this article, you’ll learn the benefits of using WordPress for your business and how to create a WordPress website in 3 steps.

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Why WordPress Is the Best Platform for Your Site?

#1 Easy to Customize

WordPress is easy to customize themes and plugins for beginners.

WordPress themes are like web designs. With WordPress, you don’t need web design skills. You just need to download themes directly on your WordPress page. You can change your WordPress themes (web designs) anytime – just one click!

WordPress plugins are like apps on your smartphone. For example, if you want to add photo editing features on your smartphone, you download the camera or photo editing apps. WordPress plugins are the same! You can customize your WordPress by downloading the plugins. Plugins can be activated or deactivated and uninstalled as needed as a site evolves.

#2 Mobile Responsive

A responsive website changes the layout based on the device you use.

Most of the WordPress themes are responsive designs. (mobile-ready) If you create a website from scratch, you need to write CSS for each device. It will be very time-consuming.

With WordPress, you just need one click to install the themes. That’s all.

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#3  WordPress has a Support Community

There are many WordPress how-to tutorials and free guides on the internet because nearly one-third of the world’s websites are built by WordPress. You can instantly access millions of help on YouTube or Google.

#4 SEO Friendly

WordPress sites tend to rank high on Google because of the constant update of WordPress themes and plugins.

Google loves fresh content. And also, WordPress includes a variety of tools and plugins for optimizing content for SEO.

For example, I installed a WordPress plugin called MonsterInsights. This plugin allows you to easily add, customize, and manage Google Analytics on your WordPress site. In addition, it also helps you to create SEO friendly headline which looks like this:

This headline analyzer helps you to increase your traffic by providing a word balance score. You’ll have a chance to learn basic SEO and keywords if you use WordPress and some plugins.

#5 It’s FREE

You only need web hosting and a domain name to start WordPress!

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system written in PHP and paired with a MySQL or MariaDB database. You don’t need to buy any website builder. It’s free to download and customize.

How to Create a WordPress Website?

Here are simple steps to create a WordPress website:

  1. Choose between WordPress.org or WordPress.com
  2. Register for WordPress hosting
  3. Buy a domain name

#1 Choose between WordPress.org or WordPress.com

The difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com is who hosts your website.

For example:

  • WordPress.org requires you to create your own domain and find a third-party hosting provider for your website. So, your website URL will be: www.yourwebsite.com
  • WordPress.com has a free and paid version. WordPress.com also has an option to buy a custom domain through a third-party site. If you stick with the free version, you’ll have limited customization, and your site URL will be: www.yourwebsite.wordpress.com.

Most WordPress hosting uses WordPress.org because it is fully customizable.

If you are planning to monetize your blogs or create business websites/online stores, I highly recommend WordPress.org.

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#2 Register for WordPress Hosting

There are hundreds of third-party hosting services, such as EasyWP or Bluehost. Here are tips for you to pick the best WordPress hosting providers:

  • Find WordPress hosting that includes Free Domain for 1 Year and Free SSL Certificate.
  • If you want to create an online shop with WordPress, check WooCommerce/eCommerce hosting plans.
  • If you want to create a business website (not a personal blog/website), check managed WordPress hosting instead of shared WordPress hosting.
  • If you want to create a simple online portfolio (no blogging, just display digital arts), check Pixpa.

#3 Buy a Domain Name

WordPress hosting includes a free domain for one year in most cases, but if you still need to buy a domain name, then check Namecheap.

Wrapping Up

If you want to know more about WordPress, check my previous WordPress tutorials. You’ll be surprised about the limitless possibilities of custom plugins in WordPress!

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