How to Accept Credit Card Payments in WordPress Without Hiring a Developer

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As a freelance web designer, some of the most common questions I receive from clients revolve around the payment.

How to accept payments on the website? How to set up recurring payments with WordPress? Is online payment safe?

There are many ways of paying online.

To make paying hassle-free, people use online payment systems like Papal and Stripe.

PayPal is a service that enables you to pay, send money, and accept payments. Stripe is a global online payment processor that is trusted by thousands of businesses across the globe. Stripe is also one of the most powerful and flexible tools for internet commerce.

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In this post, I’ll explain how to accept one-time payments or recurring payments with WPForms Features & Addons. (because it’s super easy!)

How to Accept Credit Card Payments in WordPress Without Hiring a Developer Click To Tweet

First, Why WPForms?

WPForms is perfect for small business owners, bloggers, designers, developers, and photographers because it is a powerful but affordable WordPress Form builder. You don’t need any coding knowledge. It’s a 100% beginner-friendly contact form solution. You can change plans or cancel your account at any time.

Moreover, if you don’t like WPForms over the next 14 days after purchase, then you get a full refund.

What is WPForms Stripe Addon?

Accepting online payments in WordPress can be hard, but WPForms Stripe addon allows you to connect your WordPress site with Stripe to easily collect payments, accept donations, and online orders without hiring a developer.

These are some of WPForms Stripe add-on features!

Easy to navigate – It’s a beginner-friendly drag and drop form builder. Also, you can quickly glance at your form entries and know immediately which payments are recurring, and which were one-time payments.

You can setup recurring/subscription payments – You can set up recurring/subscription payments as well as one-time payments easily. All you need to do is name your plan, choose a recurring time period, select Customer Email so Stripe can create a customer profile!

Some examples of the recurring time period:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Semi-yearly
  • Yearly

Note: If you want to let customers choose between making a one-time payment or setting up recurring payments, then you need to enable conditional logic.

You can accept donations – Users can easily choose from a donation amount or enter a custom amount to proceed with their donation.

How to Use the Stripe Addon with WPForms?

Note: WPForms Stripe addon is available with the Pro and Ultimate license. Also, Stripe requires your site to have SSL (https) enabled on the page where you’re adding a live payment form.

Step1. Go to the WPForms website. And login to your account. Then, install and activate the Stripe addon.

Step2. You need to open WPForms > Settings in the left menu of your WordPress site. From there, click on the Payments tab. From the Currency dropdown menu, you can adjust the currency!

Step3. Scroll down to the Stripe section. Click the blue Connect with the Stripe button in the Connection Status section. You’ll be asked to authorize the connection between your forms and Stripe.

Step4. After the authorization, you will see Connection Status has a green checkmark. Done! Now, you can add Stripe to your forms.

Do you want to know more about Stripe Addon with WPForms?

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