How to Boost Conversions with Coupon Popup

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For most eCommerce businesses, promote your products and make a sale is the main goal.

According to eCommerce data provided by Optimonk, the best popups can have more than a 50% conversion rate, but the average is only 3.09%.

Why some pop-ups are successfully increased conversion rates than others?

The successful pop-up campaigns show up at just the right time. As a business owner, you need to offer an attractive promotion to the right target audience at the perfect timing.

With OptinMonster, you can make it happen. In this article, you’ll learn how to create effective pop-up coupons.

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First, what is OptinMonster?

OptinMonster is lead-generation plugin for WordPress.

It allows you to create high-converting option forms like Exit-Intent popups, Fullscreen Welcome Mats, and Scroll boxes to help you dramatically boost conversions and get more email subscribers or increase your sales.

You can download it easily from your WordPress “Add Plugins” page.

After you downloaded the plugin, let’s log in to your OptinMonster account!

Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Pop-Up Coupons

Step 1. Login to OptinMonster

 Login to OptinMonster account and click the green button called “Create Campaign.

Step 2. Select campaign type

In this tutorial, select “Popup” for campaign type.

Step 3. Select design

Scroll down to the design template list and select “Camper.” You can choose whatever you want but for this time, we select “Camper” as a practice.

I would highly recommend exploring these design templates in your spare time! Boost your creativity and get inspired.

Step 4. Name your campaign

Name your campaign, select your eCommerce store, and click “Start Building.”

Step 5. Edit the design

In the drag and drop builder, you can easily edit the template design. You can change the headline and image, adjust the font size and color, text alignment, subtext, etc. You can also upload your own images like the logo.

Step 6. Setup success page

Once you finished editing your popups, click the “Success” tab on the top.

This page is what your users will see when they opt-in for the coupon or whatever you offered to them. If you’ve offered a coupon code, this is a great place to share that coupon code with your visitors!

Step 7. Setup display rules

OK, now it’s the main part of this tutorial!

Go to “Display Rules.” You’ll see the IF Statements section on the top.

We are going to set up this part. Keep the first field as “time on page” and set up the next field as “immediate.

Under the AND section, select “visitor is new.

With this setting, only new visitors immediately get your coupon popup promotion when they reach your site.

In this way, you wouldn’t annoy returning customers because they don’t need to see the same offer over and over.

I think this is a very user-centered approach. You can build a good user-experience with these detailed settings.

Oh, don’t forget to hit save! (all the time)

Step 8. Email Marketing Integration

If you don’t have email marketing, skip this step.

When you provide coupons in exchange for collecting user’s email addresses, you can also integrate your email provider like Mailchimp.

Go to your OptinMonster campaign editor and click Integrations > “Add New Integration.” Choose your Email Provider from the dropdown list. This is a really great way to grow your email list.

Step 9. Publish the campaign

Click the “Publish” tab and change the Status to Live. And click the “Save” button. That’s all.

If you want to know more about OptinMonster, please visit their website here and explore more features. It is a really powerful customer acquisition & lead generation plugin for WordPress.

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