How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting in 2021

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Since there are tons of WordPress hosting providers, it can be difficult to choose the right one that fits your need.

In this article, you’ll learn about multiple WordPress hosting providers.

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Basic Consideration of Choosing WordPress Hosting Services

First of all, these are basic considerations of choosing WordPress hosting services:

#1 Shared vs Managed

WordPress hosting plan has two types, shared and managed.

Shared Hosting is like PO Box at the post office and Managed Hosting is like your own mailbox at home. With Shared Hosting, you share a building with others but still have your own mailbox. With Managed Hosting, both building and mailbox are yours.

How does it impact your website?

With Shared Hosting, if someone else received too much mail you may experience a delay getting your mail. With Managed Hosting, you don’t really get impacted by others.

However, shared hosting is enough for hobby sites, online business card types of business websites, or simple portfolio websites.

Shared Hosting ProsShared Hosting Cons
Lower monthly feeThe site will usually load a bit slower

If your website has a lot of images or videos, managed WordPress hosting can be a great solution. Because Managed WordPress hosting can help make your site load faster.

Managed Hosting ProsManaged Hosting Cons
Better performance
Automatic WordPress updates
The site will usually load faster
Little more monthly fee

#2 Domain Name

Domain names are used in URLs to identify particular web pages. For example, is the domain name for this website, Happier Freelancing.

Anyone can buy a domain name that isn’t already registered by another person or business. The domain name is anything from $0.99 up to hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on how popular it is.

Some WordPress hosting provides a FREE domain name for a year. If you are not sure how long you’ll keep your website, choose a plan that includes a FREE domain for a year.

#3 Suitable Number of Monthly Visits

Monthly visits represent an approximate number of visits that the hosting plan is most suitable to accommodate. It is merely a point of reference, rather than a restriction.

If you already have a large audience, check the “visitors per month” section.

#4 Disk Space

Disk space refers to the amount of storage space a web host allocates to a website and all associated files (images, videos, WordPress itself, plugins, etc.) on a server. It’s the same as your computer’s hard drive.

For example, I installed and uploaded these into my disk space:

  • 1 WordPress (it is zip file)
  • 1 WordPress theme (it is zip file)
  • 11 WordPress plugins (it is zip files)
  • 962 images
  • 123 blog posts
  • 9 blog pages

My Disk Space is 10GB and I still have 9 GB of space to use. I think 10GB is a good starting point if you are a personal blogger or small business owner.

#5 Positive SSL

A Positive SSL is a cost-effective security solution that secures your domain name. It protects against content injection by ISPs and other third parties. Without encryption, it’s possible for others to alter your site and undermine its integrity.

Some WordPress hosting plan includes FREE Positive SSL. If the package did not include Positive SSL, you can purchase it separately and add it later.

That’s all. Keep in mind these 5 things and find the best WordPress hosting plan for your business below.

WordPress Hosting Comparison

  • M = Managed Hosting
  • S = Shared Hosting
HostPlanPrice per monthVisitsSpaceDomainSSL
Scala HostingS$3.9520GBFREEFREE
WP EngineM$2225k10GBFREE

Wrapping Up

I hope this blog post helps you to compare WordPress hosting services and choose the right one for you!

I highly recommend contacting hosting service customer support before you sign up.

If you had a difficult experience contacting a real person, that’s a sign of a “bad experience.” Make sure how to get in contact with customer support. Web hosting services need help from professionals. Strong customer service is a core part of choosing web hosting. (because it’s about your business.) Cheap doesn’t mean always good.

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