How to Create Media Kit for Bloggers 2021

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A blogger media kit is a document used to outline blog statistics as well as information about your site to help potential advertisers make a decision as to whether they want to work with you or not. It’s like a business card, resume, digital portfolio.

If you want to make money from your website, having a media kit is a great idea! If you don’t take your blog seriously, no brand will pay you. The media kit can help you to sell yourself as a professional blogger (:

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So, what to include in your media kit?

It depends on your blog size.

If you are a new blogger and don’t have thousands of followers on social media, then focus on growth.

For example:

  • What is your engagement rate on social media?
  • How much has your site traffic grown in the last 6 months?

Focus on growth to sell your “potentials.” If your blog and social media already have a large audience, then focus on numbers. Appeal the numbers like traffic and followers! Trust me, potential advertisers LOVE numbers. I personally disagree with the “number is justice” theory, but large traffic and many followers can create a trustworthy brand image easily.

Please note that DO NOT BUY FOLLOWERS to avoid looks like a scam.

OK! Now, here are things all media kit needs to include:

  • Short intro about yourself
  • Contact information
  • Summary of your blog (include your blog logo and brand colors)
  • Statistics (include pageviews, social media followers, email subscribers)
  • Demographics about readers (include age, gender, country)
  • Testimonials or previous collaborations
  • Services you offer

Some people include services they offer and pricing into the media kit. It’s really up to you but if I were you, I would create a rate sheet separately.

Example of a media kit

Here is a great example from The Penny Hoarder:

Credit: The Penny Hoarder

In the first line, they included the benefit of working with them. They also present traffic stats (unique readers per month), email subscribers, Facebook fans, Pinterest followers, Instagram followers, and Twitter followers.

Their demographic stats include gender, age, children in the household, and education. This is how brands will determine if your followers are the type of customers they want to reach, so demographic is super important!

They have included their services as “solutions.” I think it’s very clever. When I read through the services they offer, I could easily imagine working with them.

Designing media kit

When creating your media kit, it’s important to make it easy to share and edit. As your blog business grows, you maybe need to change the statistics and demographics about readers.

There are a lot of free graphic tool and inexpensive template like:

  • Canva – free graphic design tool, super easy to use
  • Creative Market – affordable so many types of templates are available
Credit: Creative Market

I highly recommend Canva if you are looking for a graphic tool! It’s really easy to use and so many free graphics, photos, templates are included with the free plan. I still can’t believe it’s free.

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Wrapping Up

A media kit helps you to show that you are serious about your blog! It’s not easy to create it, but you’ll have a professional presentation of your website once you’ve created it. And also, you can have a crystal-clear picture of your blog’s purpose and audience. (it helps your marketing too!)

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