How To Create Multi-Step Forms To Increase Conversions (Formidable Forms)

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If you’ve ever done online shopping, you may be used a multi-step form before.

According to HubSpot (1):

“A multi-step form is a long-form that is broken into multiple pieces. They’re used to make long forms, such as shipping or registration forms, less intimidating and daunting. By allowing customers and leads to complete their information in smaller chunks, you create a positive user experience and increase conversions.”

The longer form is less likely to be filled out and usually abandoned. Let’s assume that you load up a web page and see tons of form fields. How do you feel about it? What about if you are using a mobile device? You maybe give up on filling out all the fields.

Research and testing from Venture Harbour (2), “the multi-step form converted 53% of site visitors into leads, despite asking a lot of questions.

What does it mean? By splitting your forms into smaller tasks, you can increase form conversions!

When should you use multi-step forms?

Educational institutions, job online applications, surveys, custom order forms, and so on require longer forms.

Here is a great example of the multi-page forms:

Uber – a great example of the order form! The button is big, so it’s easy to navigate for mobile device users.

Credit: Uber

The University of Phoenix – a great example of the application form. This form uses progressive disclosure, so users can see current activity. For example, there are 3 steps in this form and now users are step 2. These types of progressive disclosure are very helpful, especially when you filling the long-form.

Credit: The University of Phoenix

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How to create multi-step forms?

If you are a WordPress user, Formidable Forms is one of the best form builder plugins!

With Formidable Forms, you can easily customize pagination style, buttons, and progress bars endlessly! Why? Because they use drag & drop form builder. “Drag & drop form builder” helps users to focus on a task at hand without thinking hard. These intuitive designs navigate users smoothly.

You can easily add a progress bar to your multi-page forms by “add page breaks” and turn on the “show progress bar” setting. This sounds complicated but no worry. All the setting is just a few clicks away. No coding skill required!

Formidable Forms also provides a lot of form templates, so you don’t have to build from the scratch. The templates include calculators, payment forms, and WooCommerce forms.

Here are some features of Formidable Forms:

  • Repeater Fields
  • Invisible Spam Protection
  • Save and Continue
  • File Uploads
  • User Registration
  • Review Summary Before Submit
  • Fill Out Forms Automatically
  • Digital Signatures
  • Mobile-Friendly, Responsive Forms
  • Stripe / PayPal Payments
  • ECommerce Pricing Fields
  • Export Table Views to CSV

and more!

How to sign up for Formidable Forms?

Formidable Forms is free to download from your WordPress dashboard.

Go to “Plugins“, type Formidable Forms in the search bar, click “Install Now” then “Activate” it. Done! Super easy.

The free version comes with all the basic features you need. If you purchased a license, you’ll have more features like file uploads, review before submission, payment forms, quiz maker, etc.

Formidable Forms offer free WordPress forms, so they don’t have a free trial. Instead of that, they offer a full money-back guarantee for 14 days. If Formidable Forms doesn’t meet your expectation, contact them for a full refund. Your money will be 100% back, no question asked.

Wrapping Up

Multi-page forms increase conversions because it’s much more user-friendly. By splitting long forms, you can easily create step-by-step forms with a progress bar, visually organized forms, a much better experience for users, and so on.

If you want to learn more about building multi-page forms with Formidable Forms, please visit their website here.


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