How to Easily Create an Announcement Bar in Shopify

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Have you ever seen these free shipping bars or special promotional offers on the websites?

Looks like this:

These bars are called announcement bars or notification bars. It is a rectangle banner, usually placed on the top of your website and provide information without bothering other content.

These types of banners are effective for sharing information such as:

  • New product launches
  • Special promotional offers
  • Lead magnets to grow your email list
  • Creating urgency with a countdown timer
  • Free shipping offers

and more!

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OptinMonster allows you to add these banners to WordPress, WooCommerce store, BigCommerce store, Shopify store, Magento store, and any online platform. It’s very simple and easy steps to follow.

Let’s assume that you own the Shopify store, and then you want to boost your sales by using an announcement bar.

In this article, you’ll learn how to create an announcement bar for Shopify.

First What is OptinMonster?

OptinMonster is the affordable lead generation software for marketing agencies, bloggers, eCommerce websites, and all small businesses. It is monthly subscription includes four plans:

  • Basic $9 per month – Essential tools to get more leads from your existing traffic.
  • Plus $19 per month – Great for growing businesses who want to do more.
  • Pro $29 per month – Everything you need to get huge results.
  • Growth $49 per month – All the tools necessary to transform your conversions.

OptinMonster can be installed on nearly every website platform on the internet and major email marketing service. The only requirement is that you must have a website where you can add custom JavaScript in the body of your website’s pages.

All new OptinMonster plans are billed annually by default.

However, if you don’t like OptinMonster over the next 14 days, you’ll get a full refund. No questions asked.

Step by Step Guide, How to Create an Announcement Bar for Shopify

Step 1. Login to OptinMonster account.

Step 2. Once login to your OptinMonster account, click the green button called Create Campaign.

Step 3. And then choose a campaign type called the Floating Bar.

Step 4. Now, you are going to choose the Tiles template.

Step 5. Name this campaign. In this case, you are going to name this “Spotify Announcement.” Choose your Shopify store in the drop-down, and click the blue button called Start Building. If you don’t know how to integrate OptinMonster with Shopify, please check here.

Step 6. Click over the text and type in the new text. In this case, you are going to type “get 50% off women’s sportswear today.” Don’t forget to click Save.

Step 7. You can decide to have your floating bar display on the top of your page or the bottom of your page by simply toggling where it says Load Floating Bar at top of the page on.

Step 8. Since you are announcing a sale, you don’t necessarily need an email field. So, go to Yes/No Settings and toggle it to ON. Now, you can create a shop now button.

Step 9. Under Your Actions pull-down, select Redirect to a new page. And then type URL where the offer is place.

Step 10. Next, go to the Display Rule page. Under where should the campaign appear, type 0 seconds. So, this announcement bar will be present on-site all the time.

Step 11. Click Publish and toggle from Paused to Live. The bar you just created will appear on your Shopify store.

Wrapping Up

These announcement bars help reduce cart abandonment and promo code banners boost your sale. Also, you can countdown timer and free shipping promo code, the possibilities are endless!

If you want to know more about this Announcement and Notification Bars, please check the OptinMonster website here.

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