How to Make Money Writing as a Freelance Writer

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If you are planning to make money online, freelance writing can be one of the income streams!

I am NOT a professional writer or popular influencer. I do NOT have huge amounts of traffic to the blog or many followers on social media. Even so, I still made some money from sponsored posts. Do you know what that means? You can do it too.

If you want to make money online as a freelance writer or part-time writer, this post may be your favorite resource. Bookmark this post and come back, I will keep updating the post!

DISCLOSURE: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a small commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no additional cost to you. Please read my full disclaimer here for more info.

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38 Places to Find Freelance Writing Jobs for Newbies to Pros

Job Boards

Remember to apply to any job on these boards the same way you would apply to offline jobs. Be specific about what you can provide for the client. Read the job description carefully, trying to meet the client’s requirements. It is a JOB.

  • Problogger – Writing topics: digital marketing, home and garden tips, health and wellness, contemporary romance, IT technologies, and more.
  • BloggingPro – Writing topics: craft, health, wellness, beauty and skincare, business, and more.
  • Journalism Jobs – This is a great resource for journalists and copywriters. Big brands like Time Magazine,, New York Times could be your clients.
  • Whisper Jobs – This is online writing jobs as well as full-time and paid internships. You can find assistant editor, editorial director, digital copywriter jobs here. Note: To view this job board, you need to create an account.
  • All Freelance Writing Job BoardThis job board shows the pay range: very low pay is $1- $25. Low pay is $25 – $50. Semi-Pro is $50 – $100. Pro-Rate is $100 – $250.
  • Morning Coffee Newsletter – This is not a job board; it is a job newsletter. The job offers come straight to your inbox and most of the jobs for pro writers.
  • FlexJobs – One of the top job boards for remote work. You can find various jobs including writer and/or copywriter.
  • Indeed – This site is like FlexJobs. You can find various jobs including writer and/or copywriter.

Write Guest Posts

Guest posting means writing and publishing an article on someone else’s website or blog. Each website or blog has its own guest post guidelines, price, submission due, etc. Carefully read those guidelines in order to get paid.

  • Trionds – I do not see any price, but the content must be at least 900+ words. The topics are Home Decor, Home Improvement, Home Renovation Ideas, House Designs Plans, Interior Design Bedroom, Travel, Finance, Education, fashion, Marketing, Entertainment, etc.
  •  Due – I do not see any price, but the content must be at least 1,000-3,000 words. The topics are Payments, Invoicing, Blockchain, Digital Wallet, Credit Cards, Banking, Business Advice, etc.
  •  Freelance Mom$75-$100 for a post between 900-1500 words. The topics are personal articles, researched articles, education-based articles, etc.
  •  Horse Network$50-$100 for 500-750 words. This site is for all horse lovers!
  •  Her View from Home – Payment is based on social media shares for your post. The topics are Parenting, Kids, Relationships, Faith, Grief, etc.
  •  Money Pantry$30 to $150 via PayPal for 700+ words. The topics are Earning Money and Saving Money.
  •  Income DiaryPay up to $200 for worthy articles of the highest standard. The topics are Interviews with experts, Buying/Selling websites, driving traffic to websites, Search engine optimization, Affiliate marketing, and selling things through websites as an affiliate, etc.
  •  Listverse – Write a list (10 items per list minimum) and get paid $100 via PayPal. Unique and interesting types of posts are wanted!
  •  The Change Agent$50 for 200-1000 words. The current issue focuses on the theme is Pandemic. (theme change constantly)
  • Medium – This site is an online publishing platform. Anyone can join the Medium Partner Program and earn money when Medium members read their stories.
  • ResultFirst – I do not see any price, but the content must be at least 800- 1200 words. The topics are Digital Marketing Education, Opinions of experts, Infographics, etc.
  • Web Designer Depot – The site is a community for web designers and developers. To join their team, you need to send an email that includes your experience, specific articles you’d like to submit, previous published work.

Sign Up for Freelance Marketplace

Freelance Marketplace is an online platform where businesses can find and hire individual contractors to do some work remotely. Some platform is designed for freelance writers and copywriters. Some platform is not free to join. Some platforms required writing tests to join. Find the best platform that finds your optimal career paths.

  • Upwork – This is a freelancing platform where businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely.
  • Freelancer – This site is like Upwork. This site has a huge variety of projects including writer and/or copywriter.
  •  CloudPeeps – This site is harder to join but easier to get jobs if you do get accepted.
  •  ScriptedThis site is designed for freelance writers and copywriters. The clients on this site are seeking freelance writers who can create blog posts, website copy, email newsletters, and social media posts for brands looking to utilize content marketing.
  •  QuietlyThis site is like Scripted. They are looking for quality content for big brands like Adobe, Dell, Slack, Unbounce, etc.
  •  PubLoft – This is a platform for freelance writers. You can expect high paying writing jobs, but to join the site you need to prove strong writing skills.

Offer Writing Service by Yourself

Writing jobs are not only blog or article posts. It can be translation, proofreading & editing, resume writing, podcast writing, etc. I offer Amazon product description writing services on Fiverr. You can create/set up your own writing service and sell it online. To be honest, getting massive income from Fiverr is not an easy but good starting point for beginners.

  •  Fiverr – It is an online marketplace for freelance services. Very competitive marketplace, but you can set your own price and services worldwide. It is free to join. If you made a sale, you keep 80%, Fiverr takes 20% as a transaction fee.
  • Create a Website – Create your own website or portfolio site to provide writing service.

Social Media

Social media is not just for socializing, it is a search engine. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, 84% of organizations use social media for recruiting, and 9% plan to use it.

  • Twitter – Do you have a Twitter account? There are job boards on Twitter like @FreelanceWJ@WhoPaysWriters, @Writing_Gigs
  •  LinkedIn – As of April 2020, there are 197,000+ writer jobs posted on LinkedIn. (3,120 posts are new)

Join Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s or company’s products/services, but some affiliate programs accept sponsored posts too. If you are a blogger, join these affiliate programs to get sponsored post opportunities.

  •  ShareASale – Some affiliate company rejects small bloggers like me, but ShareASale affiliate programs are very beginner-friendly and easy to get approved.
  •  FreshBooks – This is a cloud accounting solution designed exclusively for small business owners who bill for their time. They offer a welcome bonus once you join their affiliate program. The welcome bonus is a paid sponsored post.
  •  MonsterInsights – This is the Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. They randomly offer paid sponsored posts like Stella & Dot. To join their program, signup for ShareASale and search merchant “MonsterInsights” from the ShareASale home page.
  •  WPForms – This is a beginner-friendly drag & drop WordPress forms plugin. To join their program, signup for ShareASale and search merchant “WPForms” from the ShareASale home page. They randomly offer paid sponsored posts too.

I do not pay for the guest posts, but I welcome guest posts from other bloggers. (for cross-promotion purposes) If you are interested, please check the contact page. Thank you for your interest.

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