How to Quickly Create Exit Popups for WooCommerce

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Did you know that Exit Popups reduce bounce rates by giving visitors a reason to stick around a little longer with your website?

Visitors abandon websites for lots of reasons such as they’re not interested in the content on the page or product you sell on the site. If you’ve noticed that you have a high bounce rate, that’s a good reason to try Exit Popups. You can also use Exit Popups strategically to take your business to the next level too.

Well, what is Exit Popups? An exit popup is a popup that appears on the user’s screen when they trying to leave the site.

OK. Now, how to use it? Let’s say you sell an online course on your website. Exit Popups appear on the user’s screen when they trying to leave the site. The pop-up offers a 50% off discount and this might make visitors think twice about purchasing the course or stick around with the website a little more.

It looks like this:

Credit: OptinMonster

I’m sure you’ve seen this before.

Believe it or not, these Exit Popups can increase your sales because it helps to get the user’s attention to a product or promotion.

By using Exit Popups, you can also expect these:

  • Introduce a New Product
  • Invite the Visitor to an Event
  • Grow Email Subscribers
  • Avoid Shopping Cart Abandonment

and more!

In this post, you’ll learn how to create Exit Popups on your WordPress website without hiring developers. OptinMonster, a WordPress plugin made it easy for us (:

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First, what is OptinMonster?

OptinMonster is lead-generation plugin for WordPress. It allows you to instantly grow your email list, get more leads, and increase sales with powerful conversion optimization features. To use Exit Intent Technology, you’ll need a Pro plan which is $29 a month.

Note: If you don’t like OptinMonster over the next 14 days, you can get a full refund.

Once you’ve purchased the plan, you need to install and activate the OptinMonster plugin in your WordPress. How? Go to Plugins > Add New > Type “OptinMonster” into search plugin > find plugin named “Marketing Toolkit by OptinMonster – Popups, Email Optin Forms & Newsletter Subscribers (the green one-eyed monster) > click Install Now > after that, click Activate.

Now, you see OptinMonster welcome screen. Let’s create Exit Popups.

Step 1:  Connect Your Account

Click Connect Your Account > Authorize OptinMonster > Connect To WordPress. This process will connect your WordPress and OptinMonster account you just created.

Credit: OptinMonster

Step 2: Create a New Campaign

Click the green Create New Campaign button upper right corner. Now, you see all the campaign template that OptinMonster provide. Here we select Popup. And then, scroll down to where you can see the Exit Popups templates. For this tutorial, we’ll select “Checkout.”

Credit: OptinMonster
Credit: OptinMonster

Step 3. Name Your Campaign

Name your campaign and select your website. Then click “Start Building.”

Credit: OptinMonster

Step 4. Edit the Design

In the drag and drop builder, you can edit the design. You can change the headline and image, adjust the font size and color, text alignment, subtext, etc. My favorite part is you can upload your own image!

Credit: OptinMonster

Step 5. Setup Success Page

Once you finished editing your Exit Popups, click the “Success” tab on the top. This page is what your users will see when they opt-in for the coupon or whatever you offered to them. If you’ve offer coupon code, this is a great place to share that coupon code to your visitors!

Credit: OptinMonster
Credit: OptinMonster

Step 6. Setup Display Rules

Go to “Display Rules” and click “time on page” pulldown, then select “Exit Popups.” On this page, you can set up different display rules for your campaigns. Once you’ve done adding rules, you’ll see a summary of your display rules. You can now click on the Save button at the top to store your changes.

Credit: OptinMonster

Step7. Email Marketing Integration

Go to your OptinMonster campaign editor and click Integrations > Add New Integration. Choose your Email Provider from the dropdown list. This is a really great way to grow your email list!

Note: If you don’t have email marketing, skip this step.

Credit: OptinMonster

Step 8. Publish the Campaign!

Click the Publish tab and change the Status to Live. And click the Save button. That’s all.

Credit: OptinMonster

If you want to know more about OptinMonster, please visit their website here and explore some features. It is a really powerful customer acquisition & lead generation plugin.

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