How to Write a Guest Post Offer That Will Accept

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Guest posts also called “contributions” are the act of writing content for other bloggers or websites. Well, why would people want to write a guest post?

Here are some reasons:

  • It can be your portfolio as a freelance writer or blogger
  • It helps you to get new clients
  • It brings relevant referral traffic to your website or social media
  • It establishes your brand awareness increases along with your credibility

and so on.

How to find guest post opportunities? Here are 38 Places to Find Freelance Writing Jobs for Newbies to Pros.

I welcome guest posts from other bloggers. If you are interested, please contact me here!

Most of the major websites pay for your guest posts. However, major websites get a lot of emails a day. They maybe can’t find your email. Therefore, writing a guest post pitch to a business blog may be a good idea if you want to create a portfolio or increase traffic to your website.

In this post, you’ll see a good example and a bad example of a guest post pitch. (email)

Good Example of Guest Post Pitch

Here is a good example of a guest post email (offer) to send blog owners!

My name is XXX. I'm a freelance writer, especially XXX niche. 

First, introduce yourself and your niche. If your niche fits with the blogs, you’ll have more chances to receive emails from blog owners.

After reviewing your blog, I would like to ask that if you would be interested in a guest post submission to your blog. 

Kindly ask if the blog owners have interested in a guest post.

My submission is free of cost.

Now, explain your terms and condition for guest posts. Is it free? Do you charge money? Is it your original content? Do you expect to include some links in the guest posts? BE SPECIFIC. DO NOT HIDE. If your offer is unclear, then it looks like spam.

Here you can check the sample published articles:

If you have a sample of published articles, share it! This site, Happier Freelancing sometimes receives an email about guest posts. I didn’t return any emails because all of them look like spam. However, I return the email about the guest post (my first ever!) 2 days ago. The email included sample published articles and it helped me to imagine collaborating with the email sender. 

If you don’t have sample articles, writing for some bloggers for free can be one of the solutions. In that case, choose bloggers who have their own domain name. Own domain name website looks more professional.

Bad Example of Guest Post Pitch

Now, let’s move on to a bad example of a guest post email (offer) to send blog owners.

Hi, I want to contribute a guest post article to your website that may interest your readers. It would be of high quality and free of cost. 

OK, what is the “high quality”? Is it like 500-1000 words? Is it like evidence-based writing? High-quality writing is different for everyone. You also need to explain at least what you are going to write about.

You can choose the topic of the article from the topic ideas that I'll send you in my next email once you approve this offer.

Most people can’t accept offers before they understand what is going to happen. You need to explain what you can write for the blog owners from the beginning.

Please note that I will need you to give me a backlink within the guest post article.

The backlink is ok, but you need to explain what it is. Is it your social media links? Is it affiliate links? Is it your website? Again, BE SPECIFIC. DO NOT HIDE. If your offer is unclear, then it looks like spam.

Wrapping Up

Most freelance bloggers/writers are not journalists or novelists. You don’t need an English degree to be a freelance blogger/writer. Build your portfolio or website to start a content writing career! It can make supplemental income or your new career path.

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