Most Popular Blog Challenges You Can Try

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Did you know that there are tons of blog challenges throughout the year?

Blog challenges are not only beneficial for your SEO. Your writing and planning skills will improve too.

In this post, you’ll learn the most popular blog challenges you can try now!

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List of Blog Challenges

  • Blogtober
  • Blogoween
  • Blogmas
  • 20 Books of Summer
  • 20 Books for Christmas
  • Money Diary
  • Happy Monday


Blogtober is a blog challenge to post every day during the month of October. Some blogging communities write about the same topics and link up with other bloggers. Each year has its own hashtag and last year was #Blogtober20. You can find blogger’s communities using these hashtags. This year will be #Blogtober21. If you join this blog challenge and use this hashtag, your article is easier to share on social media.


Blogoween is also the October blog challenge. The difference between Blogtober and Blogoween is the topics. Blogoween is focused on Halloween-themed such as Halloween costumes, party ideas, recipes, crafts, home decor, etc.


Blogmas is a challenge to produce 25 blog posts until Christmas day. It’s like an advent calendar. It is generally focused on Christmas-themed, but some people write about winter and other celebrations things. I personally like to read the “reflection of the year” and “goal setting for next year” posts in December.

20 Books of Summer

You’ll post one book review every day for 20 days. It can be the months of June, July, or August. This is not strictly a blog challenge. You can do it on social media too. Introduce your favorite books and write reviews.

20 Books for Christmas

It’s very similar to the “20 Books of Summer” challenge. You’ll post one book review every day for 20 days in December. Again, this is not strictly a blog challenge. You can do it on social media too. If you want to monetize this challenge, sign up for an Amazon affiliate.

Money Diary

Money Diary is originally hosted by Refinery29. Log your spending over seven days and report the details on the blog. Some people do this challenge like “Weekend Money Diary” and log their spending over the weekend instead of 7 days. It’s really up to you.

Happy Monday

Happy Monday is originally started by Little Miss Katy back in 2014. She wrote about 10 things that have made her smile every Monday. She thought it is the BEST way to start her week! Happy Monday series had an amazing reaction from her blog readers and became popular in the blogging community.

Tips for Completing Blog Challenges

There is no doubt, writing a blog every day is HARD. Sometimes you can’t come up with any ideas, sometimes you just don’t have time for blogging, etc. “Blog Challenge” is not only writing a blog. To interact with the blogging community, you need to create content and promote it on social media.

Here are some tips for completing blog challenges that I would definitely use it!

  • Plan ahead.
  • Write posts in advance.
  • Make routine.
  • Repurpose old content.
  • Invite guest blogger.
  • Use Pinterest to get blog post ideas.
  • Join a group for that challenge to get ideas on topics.
  • Read other’s blogs to get inspired.
  • Interact with other bloggers.
  • Enjoy it.

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Wrapping Up

Did you find an interesting blog challenge on the list? If so, try it! You could use these Blog Challenges as an opportunity to improve your SEO, but don’t forget to write something beneficial to your readers. Providing value to your readers is the fastest way to increase your blog traffic.

If you know of any other blog challenges, please let me know. I would like to add them to my list.

Happy Blogging!