Simple but Effective Ways to Track Savings

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Do you have savings goals?

Your savings goals could be a down payment, a new car, a vacation budget, a gift fund for birthdays and the holidays, a wedding fund, and more.

Are you tracking your savings? Tracking your savings can help you stay organized. Knowing exactly how close you are to reaching your goal will motivate you. There are lots of fun ways to track your savings!

In this post, you’ll learn how to track your savings in fun ways.

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#1 Savings Tracker Printable

A printable savings tracker is usually a one-page sheet that allows you to visualize your progress toward your goal. As you make progress, you can color in different spots on the printable. This is a great and entertaining way to motivate yourself.

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#2 Excel

Excel may be an old-school way of tracking savings, but it can still be incredibly effective. All you have to do is open an Excel, write down your goal, and keep track of your saving progress. Your saving goal may experience some changes as you’re trying to reach your goal. Sometimes changes are unavoidable. So, accept the change. And allow yourself to adjust spending habits, savings rates, or goals as needed. “Tracking” is also the way to learn your finances by yourself.

#3 Automatic Savings Plan

An Automatic Savings Plan is usually provided service by the bank. The plan lets you make repeating, automatic transfers from your checking account to your savings account. You get to choose how much money to save and when & how often you want to make a deposit.

For example, Chase offers a service called Autosave. (It is the same as the Automatic Savings Plan.) The service offers:

  • Daily savings – transfer as little as $1 a day.
  • Periodic savings – save $10 every Monday.
  • Deposit savings – Transfer a portion of deposits like save $50 of every deposit over $250.

You can customize it. This way is less entertaining than the other two, but you will save money for sure.

#4 Join Savings Challenge on social media

This is my favorite way!

In the blogging and Instagram community, Savings Challenge is quite popular. Posting and sharing your progress motivates you even more. You can also exchange tips and experiences with others. If you are Tracking Savings on the blog, don’t forget to share the post on Twitter and Pinterest. You’ll find a pretty big community there. If you are Tracking Savings on Instagram, use hashtag #savingschallenge.

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Wrapping Up

When it comes to tracking savings, the most important thing is to find a savings tracker that you’ll want to stick with for the long term until you reach your savings goal! And also, post a tracker in an area you’ll see often. It will help you keep your goal top of mind (:

Now, it’s your turn! How do you track your savings? What were the most effective ways to track your savings?