The Dumbest Purchases I Made In My 20’s

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I want to first thank Julia of Happier Freelancing for allowing me to guest post on her blog today. If you are new to my work, my name is B & I’m the writer behind Mind Beauty Simplicity where we discuss living intentionally & the ways in which we can all downsize our homes to live happier.

Today, I wanted to talk about some of the dumbest purchases I’ve made in my early 20’s way before I became a minimalist.

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Luxury & Designer Items

Not to say I don’t still treat myself to designer items & luxury, because quality is always better than quantity. But I’ve learned just because it has a designer label, doesn’t mean it’s practical & a quality addition to your wardrobe.

When I was a teenager, I thought I NEEDED these designer labels like Coach, Louis & Prada to be stylish & popular. In reality, it was merely a way to justify to the rest of the world I was something! It’s funny how most purchases we make are based off of us proving something to someone else. When really, no one really cares what you have. Not to mention, when I think back to some of the purses I owned, for example, they were pretty tacky! 

As a young adult, I wasted hundreds of dollars on designer items just so they could sit on my shelf & collect dust & occasionally be used during a social outing. Most of those bags have been donated & are no longer a part of my attire. If I do decide to purchase an item of such nature, I keep it for years & use it until it’s falling apart now. 


When I was younger, I collected makeup like it was my job. I saw all the beauty influencers on Youtube & wanted as much makeup as them. I look at it now as a form of hoarding to be honest. I try to be more intentional with my makeup purchases as of late. And recently, I managed to let go of 70% of my makeup collection all together. I cringe at the fact I would shell out $50 to $100 on makeup without the slightest care these products have an expiration date.

Now, I shop more intentionally & only reach for the items I truly need. This mentality has helped me save tons of money in the long run & I no longer waste products either. 

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When I was 20, I decided to invest in high quality bedroom furniture. I’m not kidding, I spent over $1000 on an entire set thinking I’d have it until I was 80. I was rather rough on my furniture & after just a few years, scratched the surfaces, chipped the paint & even broke a few drawers off my dresser. I’m not saying you shouldn’t invest in furniture, but to maybe wait until you are mature enough not to let nail polish just spill on it. When my boyfriend & I moved with each other, I thought I would leave with this pristine furniture set. But instead, I left it behind & purchased from Ikea instead. 

As a minimalist now, I wish I had spent my money on more experiences. Most material items are left in the dust eventually, but those memories are with you forever. I try to keep this in mind as I reach the age of 30. I want to travel more often when it is safe to do so & immerse myself in cultures. I don’t necessarily regret spending money on such frivolous things in my early 20’s but I do think about the things I could have done with that money instead.

I hope this post inspires you to take a second & think about why you are spending the way that you are. And maybe you’ll consider being more mindful with said choices & consider things that will enhance your life & provide memories that will last a lifetime. 

Brittany is a minimalist lifestyle blogger behind Mind Beauty Simplicity. You can find her on Twitter at @mindbeautysimp1, Instagram at, Pinterest at @mindbeautysimplicity.

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