The Income Streams I’m Working on Right Now

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Did you know that a side hustle is more than just another stream of income? It’s also the new job security!

If you are new here, hi I’m Julia. I’m a freelance designer + developer, side hustler, and blogger behind Happier Freelancing.

I’ve been freelancing for a few years now. I work on a project-by-project basis like work for 3-6 months and then take a vacation for 3-6 months before return to work for another 3-6 months.

Therefore, I don’t have a stable monthly income. I have to manage my money wisely and also make supplemental income from a side hustle.

In this post, I’ll share my side hustle projects and how much money I have made so far to keep track of my progress. I hope this report inspires you in some way.

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My goal is to make an extra $1000 a month from side hustles

I started my side hustle journey back in 2015 to cover college expenses. At the time, I worked as a full-time system engineer and had no time for another part-time job. I wanted to make extra money from home.

I spent an average of 10 hours a week on my side hustle project and made $635.84 a year at first. It’s $1.30 an hour and way below the minimum wage. After 3 years of side hustling, I started to make $12-$19 an hour. I know it’s slow progress. However, any kind of progress is better than no progress at all. The important thing is to keep moving forward.

My goal is to make an extra $1000 a month from side hustles. I feel like I need another 5 years to achieve my goal. lol

Here is my overall progress

I have already subtracted all the business expenses. These are net income.

Total: $26,424.95

Yearly progress and monthly breakdown.

YearYearly Net IncomeMonthly Net Income

How it all got started and grew


I started to sell pre-owned clothes and handbags on eBay. It was also a part of my spring cleaning.

  • eBay $623.29
  • Rakuten $12.55

Total net income: $635.84


In 2016, I tried Tradesy. Tradesy is an online peer-to-peer resale marketplace for buying and selling women’s luxury and designer contemporary fashion. Unfortunately, I didn’t like Tradesy at all. Their customer service was so bad. I’m not using their services anymore.

I started to use Mr.Rebates. It’s a cashback app like Rakuten. I usually compare the cashback rate between Rakuten and Mr.Rebates and use a better cashback rate.

  • eBay $886.27
  • Tradesy $354.14
  • Rakuten $38.21
  • Mr.Rebates $13.98

Total net income: $1,292.60


I started Dropshipping in 2017 but it was in the red first year. Dropshipping was a little tricky at first, but I learned a lot of things from my mistake.

I also tried Fiverr, and affiliate marketing through social media. But, I quit after a couple of months. Why? I felt overwhelmed with these two because of tons of tasks to complete. lol

I had to prioritize my freelance project. These side hustles were not fit into my lifestyle at the time.

  • Dropshipping -$398.13
  • eBay $1,349.62
  • Poshmark $91.82
  • Affiliate $304.50
  • Fiverr $120
  • Rakuten $19.77
  • Mr.Rebates $32.20

Total net income: $1,519.60


Dropshipping business started to work well in 2018. I’ve researched and tested dropshipping for you. Check this post and learn from my mistake and success.

  • Dropshipping $5,773.29
  • eBay $1,457.53
  • Poshmark $280.64
  • Rakuten $152.19
  • Mr.Rebates $45.87

Total net income: $7,709.52


I worked so hard on Dropshipping to cover ridiculously expensive study guides and software at college. Some of you may know, I did pay all the college expenses out of my pocket. No student loans. I already had a mortgage at the time and no extra money for another debt. I’m so glad that Dropshipping worked well in 2019 too.

I didn’t expect it at all, but I started to earn dividend income in 2019. I felt pretty good about this little surprise!

  • Dropshipping $6,993.40
  • eBay $1,214.73
  • Poshmark $583
  • Dividend $240.78
  • Rakuten $352.84

Total net income: $9,384.75


I got serious damage on my Dropshipping due to a pandemic. Most of my Dropshipping customers live overseas. Worldwide shipping delays decreased my sales.

However, I started blogging and make money from sponsored posts and affiliate marketing. Getting other streams of Income is always good! I hope my blogging business grows from year to year.

  • Dropshipping $2,378.14
  • eBay $1,108.12
  • Poshmark $1,212.92
  • Sponsred Posts $328.48
  • Affiliate $173.08
  • Rakuten $413.94
  • Mr.Rebates $200.18
  • Ibotta $67.79

Total net income: $5,882.64

Wrapping Up

Everyone has different backgrounds, lifestyle choices, and perspectives.

Some side hustle requires a greater time commitment and some of them don’t need actual work at all. Find the best side hustle or online business that fits into your lifestyle!

Pick ONE from the list and start planning your side hustle or online business. A side hustle is all about taking action!

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