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Happier Freelancing is an all-in-one resource and tutorial to start an online business, including freelancing, blogging, eCommerce, gig works, and so on.

According to USA TODAY, the average man earned about $8,948 per year from his side hustle, while the average woman earned about $6,085 from hers. That comes out to about $746 per month for men and $507 for women.

As of 2020, 45% of working Americans report having a side business.

Creating additional sources of income is one of the best financial safety nets for anyone. Taking small steps to create financial safety nets will give you more choices during unexpected hardship.

Since technology grew so fast, making extra money in your spare time became easier ever before.

I’ve tested out a lot of different ways to make extra money over few years. Earning a little extra might not seem like much, but a few hundred bucks a month for a decade may lead you to financial freedom. Learning how to make more money and spend it wisely allowed me to earn a college degree without student loans, pay off the mortgage in 8 years, and became debt-free in my mid-30s!

Visit these lists of Realistic Ways to Make an Extra $1,000 per Month, Massive List of Gig Economy Jobs for Extra Income, or an All-In-One Guide to Starting and Growing your Online Business and pick ONE.

Start planning your side hustle or online business. Once you’ve made your first dollar, check the lists again! And then pick one to build other streams of income.

For now, I have 11 streams of income. Some of them require a greater time commitment, and some of them don’t need actual work. Find the best side hustles that fit into your lifestyle.

I hope these resources and tutorials give some ideas to start your financial freedom journey!

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