Write for Us

I welcome guest posts from other bloggers!

Take a look at the site, read a few posts, and get a feel of the Happier Freelancing website.

I cover topics mostly relating to blogging, smart investments on a small budget, personal finance tips for freelancers, frugal living, luxury travel for less, saving money, etc. (I always try to include practical advice, real-life examples, and helpful information in the posts.)

I will only accept posts that are a good fit for my blog and readership!

But there are a few guidelines guest posts need to meet.

The Basics

  • You must be an active blogger.
  • Your post cannot be republished on other platforms.
  • Your post should be original. (no plagiarism, please!)
  • Your post must be pitch-free. (no affiliate links)
  • Assist in the promotion by sharing it on your social media.


  • Minimum of 500 words.
  • Broken-up text with headers.
  • Include your author bio with blog link(s).
  • You can also include any social media profiles.
  • If you are using photos that are not yours, provide an original source.
  • You don’t need to worry about sending over any featured images or headshots.

Additional Notes

  • I will run your draft through Grammarly. (please allow me to edit grammar and spelling)
  • I don’t pay for guest posts.
  • The purpose of this guest post is cross-promotion.
  • The majority of my readers are based in the US.
  • I will create Pinterest images for guest posts.
  • I will share your post across my social media channels. (if you want to be tagged in Twitter, please include your username)

When all that sounds good, drop me a line at happierfreelancing(at)gmail(dot)com

If you have a quick question you don’t mind other people seeing, I would appreciate a quick message on my Twitter or Instagram.